What is the difference between Chongqing hot pots and Sichuan hot pots?

Chongqing Hot Pot

What is the difference between Chongqing hot pots and Sichuan hot pots?

When people talk about hot pot, Chongqing hot pot and Sichuan hot pot will be both mentioned at once. These two kinds of hot pots seem to be no different for most people, but for people who really like hot pot, they are totally different. Next, we will discuss the difference between Sichuan hot pot and Chongqing hot pot.


First of all, Chongqing hot pots use beef tallow hot pot seasoning, authentic Chongqing hot pot adds pure beef tallow as the soup. Which is different from Sichuan hot pot, the Sichuan hot pot is mainly based on canola oil, mixed with a little bit of salad oil, and some restaurants even use half canola oil and half salad oil in the hot pot seasoning.


Secondly, the expression of the dishes will be different if the oil is different, animal oil is relatively heavy, which can lock the taste of food very well, especially the pure beef tallow hot pot seasoning can keep the deliciousness of all food materials. This is why the authentic Chongqing hot pots use pure beef tallow oil. The mass of vegetable oil is relatively light, the taste of food cannot be locked well as pure beef tallow oil does. Therefore, the reason why Chongqing hot pot is more fragrant is the precipitation of various ingredients in the old oil, instead of just relying on the pepper or the spice.


In one word, Due to the difference of oils, the fragrance of Chongqing hot pot is mainly from the pure beef tallow oil, the ratio of oil and water is generally 6:4, and some restaurants increased the ratio of oil and water to 7:3. This is also the reason why Chongqing people always ask the waiters not adding soup to their pot, which will destroy the taste of the original oil hot pot seasoning. On the other hand, Sichuan hot pot focus on the quality of soup, so it has less oil rather than Chongqing hot pot. This difference in form can also be seen at a glance.

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