How to join the hot pot franchise store? What are the processes? How to join the Shu Daxia hot pot?

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Step 1: learn to accurately locate your hot pot restaurant

The restaurant market is very extensive. There are so many people working in catering business. If you have an idea, other people may have the same idea exactly the same as yours. If you choose to open a hot pot franchise store, I believe that there were many other people had thought about it. In the same market, if your hot pot restaurant has not been accurately positioned, there has no chance for you to succeed. Join Shu Daxia, the target customers will be people who like spicy hot pot, who enjoy Szechuan hot pot, Chongqing hot pot. Chongqing hot pot is the most popular hot pot in China, and the selling point is its beef tallow oil hot pot seasoning, fresh food materials and authentic Szechuan hot pot recipe. You can make your restaurant a hot pot buffet or other styles, accurately locate your hot pot restaurant is the first step of your self-employment.


Step 2: learn to choose the right location

Proper location selection is the foundation of a hot pot franchise store, a good location can help you do business better easily, a bad location selection can destroy your business. How to properly choose the location of the hot pot franchise store? When selecting the site, determine the most suitable store location according to the size, positioning, cost and other factors may affect your business. If you want to join the hot pot franchise store, the main target customers are Chinese, in this case, place like Chinatown could be a good choice.


Step 3: learn marketing strategy


Excellent marketing strategies can bring you more customers, your business can easily make a profit, if you join in Chengdu Shu Daxia, we would provide you fantastic services with your own brand, which including marketing, store location, shop decoration and various investment plans, and these services are totally free!


Anyway, there are many more factors you need to consider when you decide to start your business in hotpot industry, no matter which brand to join in, or which business model to use, to consider more and combine with the actual situation is very necessary and a wise step to succeed. Chengdu Shu Daxia can help you with our dynamic management services and rich experience, bring your new business a bright future in the complex market environment in Chengdu.

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