How to make your Hot pot restaurant survive in Summer?

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Many hot pot restaurants are unprofitable in summer, even worse, some of them closed down during to the off-season period. Having hot pot in winter is the habit of most Chinese, is there any way to attract customers in summer? Shu Da Xia Hot Pot can provide you with some suggestions, we are the experts of Hot Pot Business.

With the opening of the summer prelude, the hot pot industry began to fall into a polarized situation. Some hot pot restaurants are still full of people, and the popularity is not lost in the winter when the business is most prosperous; while the other part of the hot pot restaurant has long been in front of the car, entering a semi-stop state.


  1. Discount

You may find some hot pot restaurants can keep high popularity in summer. What actions they have been made? The off-season of hot pot restaurant usually lasts 3 to 4 months during summer time. Discounts and promotions are the most essential way to keep high customer flow as our experience.



2, Service upgrade

Most of the time, people always think that “busy is easy to make mistakes”, and in fact, in the service industry, leisure time is more likely to affect the quality of service. Therefore, the more you need to pay more attention to service quality. Moreover, some “small tricks” played on the service are also reasons to attract customers to secondary consumption.




3, “cool&fresh ” menu

In summer, the customers who have the spicy hot pot may be sharply reduced; instead of focusing on some traditional hot pot dishes, change to a “cool&fresh” menu is always useful. The dishes that are suitable for summer consumption such as seafood hot pot which including fish slippery, shrimp slippery, etc. were also “advanced”… Adding some new kinds of ice-cream into your dessert is a must.


4. Reduce operating costs

At any time, any marketing strategy is not to lose money. Moreover, the so-called open source and throttling, when the business profit is significantly worse in summer rather than in winter, we must also consider the appropriate cost savings. For example, adjust the employee’s off-duty system, suspend the recruitment plan, and so on.


5, Innovation

Recently, the “shared table” has been very popular, it has attracted a large number of followers on social media platforms. Have you tried creative hot pots such as ice cream hot pots yet? Some of the hot pot restaurants get more customer flow in summer by adding ice cream hot pots to their traditional menus. Innovation always works perfectly in any business industry.

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