What is the Chinese hot pot? Chongqing hot pot / Sichuan hot pot?

What is the Chinese hot pot? Chongqing hot pot / Sichuan hot pot?

Sichuan Hot pot

What is the Chinese Hot Pot? Chinese hot pot has a long history and it can be traced back to the Warring States period of China. The hot pot was first used to cook beef and mutton. It generally refers to the cooking method —“boiling”, cook the food with hot water or soup, you only need to put all kinds of processed fresh food material into a pot. The pot itself has a very high heat preservation effect, which helps the food to keep the temperature all the time.


Culture for Sichuan Hot Pot / Chongqing Hot Pot and Chinese Hot Pot

There are a lot of culture and customs of having hot pots all over the world, and there are a large number of hot pot fans, which are particularly popular in Southeast Asia. In Japan, there are sweet and delicious Sukiyaki pot and boiled Oden in the streets. In Korea, there are Kimchi Korean-style hot pots. In China, based on all of the different type of soups, different parts of China has its own hot pot culture. Hot soup is the most well-known one, and it is the most popular type in China which is also the main soup type Shu Daxia have. Unlike the light taste of Guangdong hot pot, the original Sichuanese like heavy and spicy taste of hot pot which has created a variety of spicy styles in Sichuan. And the passionate Sichuanese prefer to get together with their friends and families. Especially in winter, having Shu Daxia hot pot with your friends in Sichuan must be the most enjoyable thing!


The compatibility of the hot pot made it one of the most popular food styles in China. Even your friends who only like vegetarian food can still have the hot pot with you. The wide food materials can be roughly divided into meat, seafood, vegetables, soy products, mushrooms and so on. The main tastes including the clear soup pot, the seafood pot, the spicy pot and the tomato pot. People who like to eat spicily and do not like spicy food can sit at one table and have hot pot together due to we also have half spicy and half clear soup pot. You can choose to eat clear soup hot pot, or you can choose to eat heavy Sichuan hot pot, use a single cooking method – “boiling” to deal with different food materials, combined with a variety of flavours make the food delicious and distinctive.


For the Chinese, hot pot not only has a huge public base, but also a traditional culture with a festive atmosphere. The process of having hot pot also includes the cooking process, which makes the relatives and friends who eat hot pot have a sense of participation. If there is a place in China that can be endorsed for “hot pot”, it must be – Sichuan, it can be said that hot pot is one of Sichuan’s unique regional food culture, Sichuan people and Chongqing people have absolute recognition for hot pot, they made the huge development of Sichuan/Chengdu hot pot industry.

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