Hunan Shaoyang Longhui County (regional agent) signed a successful contract with Shu Daxia

Congratulation to Hunan, Mr. fu and Shu Daxia signed the contract successfully

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Longhui County, affiliated to Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, is located in the upper reaches of Zijiang River in the southwest of Hunan Province, adjacent to Xinshao County in the east, Dongkou County in the west, Shaoyang County and Wugang City in the south, and Pupu and Xinhua in the north. county. The terrain is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. The northwest is the remaining peak of Xuefeng Mountain, and the main peak Baima Mountain is 1780 meters above sea level. The southeast is a typical hilly area, and the hills and rivers are staggered. The main minerals are gold, coal, strontium, barium, ice stone, monazite, beryl, zircon. In 2012, the county governed 18 towns and 8 townships (including 2 ethnic townships).         Longhui County is the key county for national poverty alleviation and development work, the central government’s rise to the implementation of the western development policy county, the Xiangxi development key project county and the revolutionary old district county, and the “Chinese honeysuckle town” named by the State Forestry Administration.

Shortly after, Shu Daxia Hot Pot will meet you in Hunan! We are honoured to share this information with you, we believe that Shu Daxia Hot Pot will become one of the most popular Chinese hot pot restaurants in Hunan, we are confident with our supporting team, marketing strategies and the quality of food materials, we see you soon in Hunan!

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