How to attract customers if you open a hot pot franchise store?

Asian Hot Pot : How to attract customers if you open a hot pot franchise store?

Nowadays, the catering market is very popular, attracting a large number of investment and entrepreneurship. Many people have seen the development prospects of the hot pot market. Now that the competition in the hot pot market is so fierce, how to attract customers become to a important factor of franchise hot pot restaurant.


  1. Store decoration is very important


Whether the store decoration is comfortable or not can affect the mood of the guests, and which also decides if the guest will come to the restaurant again. Shu Daxia hot pot investment store should not only consider the distance between the tables, but also consider the need for independent space for customers. Clean and comfortable dining environment is a must.

  1. Dishes must be sterilized


As a place to provide public dining, the restaurant uses the tableware of the store, and different people come and leave using the same tableware. This kind of hygiene is a matter of concern and has become one of the criteria for people to evaluate a restaurant. In order to make the guests feel at ease, the clean dishes is a must, the tables should be cleaned, and all the tableware should be washed and disinfected.

  1. Be polite & Good service attitude


Good service can make customers feel comfortable and make them a good impression. So if you want your restaurant be popular, good service attitude is a must for each waiter and also restaurant manager. They should be very polite in the process of customer dining in the restaurant, and be patient with the guests.

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