Congratulations to Deyang, Sichuan Mr.Yang and Shu Daxia signed a contract successfully!

Congratulations to Deyang, Sichuan Mrs.Yang and Shu Daxia signed a contract successfully!

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Guanghan, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Province, is managed by Deyang City. Anciently known as Hanzhou, also known as Wucheng, it is the first batch of pilot counties (cities) in Sichuan to expand its power; it is 18 kilometers north of Jingyang District, Deyang City, and 24 kilometers south of Chengdu. It is located at the west foot of the Longquan Mountains in the northeast of the Chengdu Plain. Guanghan belongs to the humid humid climate zone in the middle and subtropics of the Sichuan Basin; it has 18 townships under its jurisdiction, with a total area of ​​538 square kilometers. In 2017, the registered population was 604,000.

Guanghan is located in the core area of ​​the heartland of the “Country of Heavenly Mansions”. Since ancient times, it has been said that “the portal of Yizhou, the main gate of Shu Province, and the Confucian Road of Beijing.” It is the northern gate of Chengdu. The Sanxingdui site in Guanghan, China, is an ancient Shu cultural site dating from 5000 to 3000 years ago. It is known as one of the greatest archeological discoveries of mankind in the 20th century. It shows that the Yangtze River Basin is the same as the Yellow River Basin, and is the mother of Chinese civilization. For “the source of the Yangtze River civilization”.


In Guanghan, there are national key cultural relics protection units, Tancheng and Mingju Ancient Temple Longju Temple, as well as Jinyan Lake, Fanghu Park, Guanghan Temple, Guanghan Dongchan Temple, and Han Dynasty Tombs. Section “and so on.

In 2017, Guanghan achieved a regional GDP of 40.01 billion yuan, an increase of 9% over the previous year at comparable prices. Among them, the added value of the primary industry was 3.4 billion yuan, an increase of 3.8%; the added value of the secondary industry was 20.49 billion yuan, an increase of 8.6%; the added value of the tertiary industry was 16.12 billion yuan, an increase of 10.6%. Top 100 counties and cities in western China in 2019.

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