Congratulations to Mr. Wu from  Sanyuan, Shanxi signed a contract with Shu daxia Hot Pot successfully!

Congratulations to Mr. Wu from Sanyuan, Shanxi signed a contract with Shu daxia Hot Pot successfully!


Sanyuan County, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, Sanyuan history was called “Jiayi” and anciently known as “Chiyang”. It is located in the central part of the Guanzhong Plain in Shaanxi Province. Called Ling Qianyuan). Sanyuan is the land of ancient Beijing. It has been in the county for seven years (446 AD) in the Northern Wei Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,570 years. The county covers an area of ​​576.9 square kilometers, with an area of ​​491265 acres of commonly-used arable land. It has jurisdiction over 172 administrative villages including 1 subdistrict office, 9 towns, 4 centers, and the county’s registered population is 408,165 (2018).

Sanyuan is located at the arc center of surrounding large and medium-sized cities such as Xi’an, Xianyang, Weinan, and Tongchuan. It is connected to Lintong, Fuping, and Yanliang in the east, Gaoling in the south, Liyang and Chunhua in the west, and Tongchuan New District and Yaozhou District in the north. It is the core area of ​​the Guanzhong Plain urban agglomeration and the northern gate of Xi’an, the provincial capital. Sanyuan is 30 kilometers from Xi’an and 20 kilometers from Xianyang International Airport. The salt-copper railway traverses the east and west. The Yanxi Expressway (G6522) and Baomao Expressway (G65) cross the north and south. The 210 national road and the 108 national road and the Guanzhong ring road are crisscrossed. It is superior in transportation. The planned intercity railway from Yanliang to Xianyang Airport passes through the southern part of the county, and Sanyuan South Station is planned.
Sanyuan is one of the eight “new satellite cities” built by Xixian International Metropolis. The planned area of ​​the county seat is 30 square kilometers, and the built-up area is 15 square kilometers. The urban population is about 150,000. It is the most popular and populous city in Xianyang and even Guanzhong One of the counties with the most business and prosperity.


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