Loving Convenient Hotpot,make delicious food for frontline soldiers

Loving Convenient Hotpot,make delicious food for frontline soldiers


The coronavirus make all Chinese fight together, in order to fully co-operate the coronavirus prevention and control work, Shu Daxia hot pot launches “Contactless” Hot pot Takeaway in this special period.

Relevant employee in charge said: “We maximize the protection of employee safety, reduce staff turnover, rely on a strong supply chain, strictly control the storage of raw and auxiliary ingredients, and all materials are delivered to the area and fully disinfected before being transferred to stores, effectively avoiding cross Pollution, to ensure the traceability of food sources; strict prevention and control measures on factories and stores, to ensure food safety at every level. ”


Ensure that the meals delivery can be tracked; in the very first time, Shu Daxia hot pot launches “Contactless” Hot pot Takeaway together with “Eleme” and “meituan” to communicate with customers in advance about the designated location of the meals, reduce contact, avoid face-to-face meals, and strictly implement the distribution process? Contact and put safety first in practical action. At the same time, in order to complete faster, better and better quality takeaway delivery services, the heroes of Shu will quickly set up their own delivery team, on the one hand, to solve the employment stability of employees, and to protect the income level of employees; on the other hand, turn crisis into vitality, and ease operating pressure. Start with ourselves and reduce employment pressure on society caused by employee turnover.


The serious coronavius situation leads to all restaurants in Chengdu to be almost closed. Many front-line staff on duty and overtime can’t even eat hot meals and hot dishes. In order to make the city’s guardians eat hot and delicious food, Shu’s hundreds of employees Volunteers enthusiastically signed up, and the first batch of 10 were selected to start the “Sympathy First-line Loving Materials” assistance project, which has sent more than 1,500 boxes of free love hot pots to units including street offices, community service stations, district health stations, and police stations. Hope that Contribute to the virus prevention action through heartwarming and heartwarming assistance!

In addition to making every effort to delivery food to customers and ensure the safety of meals, the Shu Daxia Hotpot are also actively exploring action plans to care for frontline workers and medical police officers. Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai and other places are starting support operations , Let’s guard the virus prevention action with a bite of hot meals!


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