The Virus is ruthless, but there are still love in this world.

Congratulation to Jiangxi Jiujiang Hukou, Mr. Xu and Shu Daxia signed the contract successfully

Shu Daxia Hotpot wish everyone a happy new year!


This Spring Festival, we will work together to prevent new coronaviruses, and feel relieved! The people of the whole country are cheering for Wuhan, and everyone will fight against the new coronaviruses. In the face of the epidemic, the Shu hero is also acting, guarding your reunion dream with all his heart.


[Warm reminder] Everyone wear masks, wash their hands frequently, and go to crowds less! If you want to eat hot pot at home, choose the heroes of Shu, and take out safely and healthy to home.


Special time, we stay at home for new year!

All the employees of Shu Daxia will strive to provide a safe dining environment for the fans to fight against the coronavirus, and we will work together for a peaceful year. Finally, I wish Daxia Fans a Happy New Year. I wish the staff struggling in the front line of disease resistance to be safe and smooth!

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