Frontline medical soldiers, $4.3 millions dollars has been donated from Shu daxia!

Frontline medical soldiers, $4.3 millions dollars has been donated from Shu daxia!


The epidemic is still continue, and the risks remain undiminished. During the unusual period, the people gave up traveling and chose to stay at home.The major hospitals in each city are still waiting. Countless angels in white rushed to the front-line homes for everyone, sticking to their posts to fight the epidemic, rushing to the most dangerous battlefields, and firmly guarding the lives of China ’s 1.4 billion people.


This retrograde is tragic and great. They told the world with their backs: China is well protected by their bravery~



Shu Daxia also prepares $4.3 million dollars

Tribute to the staff of countless medical institutions in Chengdu

Medical staff of Chengdu medical insitutions

Shu Daxia provides 1 free”hotpot ticket” to all angels in white!







White walkers are both angels and heroes. Doctors are saving patients, police are protecting people, ordinary people are protecting themselves. Everyone who is “saving” and “protecting” can be called a hero.

Shu Daxia also have a group of heroes silently guarding frontline angels in white

Fighting the “epidemic” front line


“I’m also scared, but I’m more afraid that people in Chengdu can’t eat hot pot.”

——from the voice from Shu Daxia’s delivery man

Not only have they become retrogrades shrouded in epidemics, they also have the special task of delivering food to frontline medical staff.

No one is born brave

But they chose to keep there


“Feeling my hands soaked in disinfectant all day, wear gloves and masks to deliver every meal safely” 



Before delivery, disinfect the takeaway box

Disinfect the hands

Must wear mask gloves throughout

Hands covered with gloves the whole day

They are scarred by disinfectant

They gave the sense of security in the epidemic

“I will stay!”

“I will stay, too!”

“We all willing to stay!”




More than a month has passed since January 23, and no matter whether it is the Spring Festival or the Lantern Festival,

they have not been able to spend time with their families, and devoted all their time and energy here.

In the busiest Tianfu Third Street store, the staff of the whole store spared no effort and went all out to complete high orders every day. Thank you for your hard work. Perseverance is the longest confession to the city.


The dust of the era falls on the enterprise as a mountain. Everyone in every store of the Shu Daxia work together in difficult times.

Frontline hero angel escorts Chengdu

We protect the stomach of frontline hero angels

Wait for the haze to disperse, wait for the spring flowers to bloom

Everything will come as promised …


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