Shu Daxia – Having hot pot like having School Final Test!

Shu Daxia is back! 
Comprehensive security measures
finally we can go out and have hot pot
During the special period, Shu Daxia is on action
Also we invited all Chengdu medical staffs to have hot pot for free

 Have hot pot!mission impossible!

Counting with your fingers, how long have you not been out to eat, Chengdu people who have to eat hot pot several times a week have n’t been able to hold back. Wow, Tangerine recently got a big news from the food circle.——Shu Daxia is open on March 6!

Speaking of having hotpot in restaurant, everyone is scared at the moment. I first went to check it for you. In special times, Having hotpot in restaurant has strict requirements for entering the restaurant. The restaurant also invited experts to guide the implementation of various defense measures for everyone to eat. 

| 4 steps to get in! | 

temperature test

It is essential for every customer entering the restaurant to take a temperature measurement. Only when the body temperature is normal, you can enter the store and register your personal information.


Disinfect your hands

。There is also an automatic disinfection machine before entering the door, and a disposable disinfection gel imported from the United States to avoid contact.


Whole body 


The whole body disinfection requires proper guidance by the waiter to avoid ear, nose, eye and mouth contact, but the disinfection solution may cause damage to some clothes, so this step can also be performed according to the requirements of the diners.




The mat on the door was sprayed with disinfectant water in advance, and the last step was completed a short time before entering the door. Although the steps are a bit complicated, it is also to make diners more at ease.

【Get to know】School Exam Hot Pot

Although it is possible to have hotpot in restaurant right now, the table should be spaced 1 meter apart according to requirements.

Shu Daxia directly hardened a table and set up a table. The table and the table were more empty. Do you feel like taking a seat in the college entrance examination.

 | Don't sit, you need these steps.. | 

Although the tables, chairs, and benches were all poisoned in advance, in order to assure the diners, they can be disinfected again immediately. The tableware is also a table and a box. Ordering is also a waiter-guided contactless scan code ordering.

Special Time, Shu Daixia is on action

 | Shu Daxia asked medical staffs to eat for free | 

Although we suffers severe losses, Shu Daxia also donated double meals worth 189 yuan to all medical staffs in Chengdu. Go to the official account on wechat and fill in the valid information of the doctor to receive white angel vouchers (for more details, go to the store for details) Is valid until the end of this year.

 | Enterprise resumption [Meal for one person] | 

Taking into account the resumption of work of enterprises of all sizes, it is more difficult to eat at noon. Shu Daxia also opened the employee cafeteria to the public, selling employee meals at 12 yuan /15 yuan. The price is still the employee price. Free delivery fee ~ (First open Chunxi store, within 1.5km of the store)

Buffalo Tripe,finally got you!

When you comes to have Shu Daxia hot pot, we have to mention the Buffalo Tripe...

 |Royal Beef | 

Cut the beef with clear texture and cut into large pieces. The thickness is just right. Be sure to pour the matching milk into the pan for a while before going to the pan. 

The beef is relatively large, and it is more suitable to cook for about 5 minutes. The taste of beef berber is different, with a light milk flavor, which neutralizes the dryness of the bottom of the pot, and the entrance is relatively tender and smooth.

 | Tai Chi Shrimp Slide | 

The Tai Chi shrimp slip of the heroes of Shu can be said to be unique in Chengdu. It is mounted on a gourd-shaped plate. The original and spicy shrimp slip is in the shape of Tai Chi.

The shrimp shrimp made from pure shrimp meat is more Q bomb. In order to ensure the taste, the shrimp meat is not crushed, and the crispness of the shrimp is clearly felt.

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