Congratulation to Sichuan, Mianyang Mrs. Chen and Shu Daxia signed the contract successfully!

Congratulation to Sichuan, Mianyang Mrs. Chen and Shu Daxia signed the contract successfully!


Santai County, affiliated to Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, is located in the northwest of the Sichuan Basin and southeast of Mianyang City. It borders Yanting County in Mianyang City in the east, Shehong City in the south, Zhongjiang County in the west, and Wucheng District of Mianyang City in the north, 57 kilometers from Mianyang City, 100 kilometers from Suining City, and 153 kilometers from Chengdu City.

The area is 81.1 kilometers in length from north to south, 56.2 kilometers in width from east to west, and it looks like arbor, with an area of ​​2661 square kilometers. It is one of the major agricultural counties in Sichuan with a population of over 1 million. , Uygur, Mongolia, Miao and other 11 ethnic groups.

Santai County has won the titles of “National Advanced County for Sports Work”, “National Advanced County for Cultural Work”, and “National Advanced County for Science and Technology” in Chinese county-level cities. It is the hometown of rice and jujube in China, the hometown of football in Sichuan, etc., and its sports development is at the forefront of the province. In March 2019, it was ranked among the first batch of revolutionary cultural relics protection and utilization films to distinguish the counties.

Santai County was an ancient state in the ancient times, Zizhou in the Tang dynasty, and Jiedong in the east of Jiannan in the Tang dynasty, Jiuchuanfu in the Song dynasty, Xichuan in the Yuan and Ming dynasties, and Xichuan in the Qing dynasty. It has historically been the political, economic, and cultural history of eastern Sichuan. The center is rich in humanities and celebrities, and has bred well-known figures such as Yao Xide, the Minister of Defense, and Liang Guanglie, Minister of Defense. Top 100 counties and cities in western China in 2019.

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