How will Sichuan specialty hotpot restaurant create new highlights in 2020?

How will Sichuan specialty hotpot restaurant create new highlights in 2020?

What kind of projects are more profitable now? It is none other than hot pot. Most people are more optimistic about the hot pot project because the investment in the hot pot industry is low and the profit is high, but when the competition is intense, you need to choose a reliable brand. What about Sichuan special hot pot restaurants in 2020? Create new highlights?


1. Publicity should be more interesting

The 2020 5G era has arrived, which means that our lives will become more and more intelligent, and the information received will become more and more diverse. If our propaganda is still very outdated, not influential and expansive, It will be difficult to grasp potential consumers in this era. Therefore, during the promotion of the hot pot restaurant, our propaganda methods should be changed accordingly, which should be more interesting, such as marketing with topics that the public are more concerned about, or through some interactive mini games to achieve the purpose of powder absorption.


2, the store should maintain its due innovation

Of course, the innovative power of the dishes is also a part that cannot be ignored. 2020 has arrived. The restaurant restaurant can’t just eat the old ones. It should also create corresponding highlights according to the characteristics of the times. , To make the back kitchen visual and transparent, thus enhancing the trust between merchants and customers.


3. Make the service more “abnormal”

We all know that the catering industry needs to optimize its service quality from time to time, and in the new era, we have higher requirements for services and more “abnormal” requirements. What is a “perverted” service? That is, every detail of the service is taken into consideration and done well, and the customer’s needs are understood and solved in advance. Thinking about what the customer thinks and thinking about beyond the customer is “perverted”. Even if the customer can’t think of the service, he can be so intimate and meticulous. For example, sending a shoe cover to the customer on a rainy day to avoid getting shoes and socks is a good little move, which can make your service more thoughtful and recognized.

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