Tianfu Chengdu celebrate the Chinese New Year For all the heroes of Hubei

Tianfu Chengdu celebrate the Chinese New Year For all the heroes of Hubei


At 14:30 on June 29, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, the sun was shining, but there was a refreshing cool breeze.

China Southern Airlines flight CZ3471 landed on time. The anti-epidemic hero from Henan, Dong Shanjing, deputy director of the emergency department of Zhengzhou People’s Hospital, and Zhang Shizhong, chief of the security department of the emergency medical rescue center in Zhengzhou, accompanied by relatives and local media reporters, a group of seven people walked from the airport Came out.

Presenting flowers, shaking hands and taking photos, the reporter’s long guns and short guns immediately surrounded the guests from far away.

“Chengdu is too enthusiastic for us, the air is very fresh, and I am looking forward to Chengdu’s food.” Dong Shanjing led Zhengzhou People’s Hospital and Zhengzhou Aid Medical Team to assist Wuhan with the Henan Provincial Medical Cabin on February 9th. The standing committee of the temporary party committee of the team, the secretary of the Zhengzhou branch, the leader of the fourth medical team, the member of the consultation group of Wuhan Qingshan Fangcao, and the expert of traditional Chinese medicine patrol.

Speaking of working in Wuhan, Dong Shanjing said with emotion, thanks to the support of his family. “The situation in Wuhan was critical at that time, and our protection was well done, and we were not afraid. We are professional doctors and it is time for us to go to this place. When I came to Chengdu, I really wanted to communicate with my colleagues in Sichuan who went to Wuhan at that time.”

As a member of the Henan Emergency Medical Assistance Team, Zhang Shizhong went to Wuhan on February 4, and the daily transfer task was very heavy. In order to ensure the safety of the team members, he did not know how many stores he ran. This one did not open the door. When he went there, he could not buy shoe covers. He just negotiated with the owner to buy a thick shopping bag. He said that he should never let his comrades get supplies. Can’t keep up with the delay.

Zhang Shizhong has also been to Chengdu before. He said that he is very foreign. “I feel that every time I come to see the city changing, but in fact the history, culture, elegance and leisure of this city have not changed.”

An hour later, China Eastern Airlines flight MU5411 arrived at Shuangliu Airport, and the welcome scene was staged again. Chengdu, with great enthusiasm, welcomed Dai Ailan, the chief nurse of the outpatient and emergency department of Shanghai Fourth People’s Hospital from Lai Rong, Shanghai, and the East Hospital of Yangpu District, Shanghai Weng Chao, deputy director of the Department of Sense, and three others.

Dai Ailan, a “veteran” who came forward in times of crisis, and a female nurse who was “experienced in battle”. Participated in the rescue of the SARS and Wenchuan earthquake, and this year, he also assisted the front line of Wuhan. As one of the oldest nursing staff in the batch of medical teams in Shanghai, he became a hospital sense prevention and control worker-a nurse who protects the frontline medical staff.

“I see Chengdu is very calm, as if I have never experienced an epidemic. In fact, it is the city’s self-confidence and calmness, and all the work of epidemic prevention and control is proceeding in an orderly manner.” Eight years later, seeing Chengdu, which had fought, Dai Ailan was very It is kind. She said that she likes to travel. She has been to Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Wuhou Temple, Jinsha Ruins, Panda Base and many other places. This time she came to Chengdu, hoping to see Sichuan Opera.

Among the anti-epidemic heroes, there is such a group of people. Although they do not cure and save people, they fight “face-to-face” with the virus every day; although they are not in the clinical field, they are always running for the health and safety of medical staff. They are on an invisible “front”, facing an invisible “enemy”; they make the virus nowhere to escape, silently guarding the health of a hospital, a group of medical workers and a city, they are–” The hospital is touching”.

Weng Chao, head of the Department of Senses, Shidong Hospital, Yangpu District, Shanghai, is such an “invisible warrior.” “I am very pleased to be invited to Chengdu to participate in the Chinese New Year event. I am very happy. Chengdu, here I am.”

At the same time, dozens of city and state anti-epidemic heroes in Sichuan Province, except Chengdu, either took the high-speed rail or drove to the Mingyu Liya Hotel in Chengdu to join the big army.

The hotel decorated with flowers erected a huge signature wall, and the anti-epidemic heroes solemnly signed their names on it.

There is an extraordinary experience and story behind every ordinary name, let us remember these heroes who have fought for everyone:

Dai Ailan and Weng Chao in Shanghai, Dong Shanjing and Zhang Shizhong in Zhengzhou, Lu Jianhong, Yuan Zhongjun, Zhang Hongwei, Deng Lei, Sun Ying, Du Xunbo, Liang Liang, He Jian, Qiao Fu, Chen Zhenhua, Song Zhifang, Liu Sha, Deyang’s Nie Chunping and Dong Fang Rui, Guangyuan’s Luo Zhenyu, Yang Lin and his wife, Luzhou’s Li Duo, Xiong Hong, Meishan’s Li Hong, Neijiang’s Deng Kaiyuan, Wu Xiaoyang, Cai Yuanyuan, Nanchong Zhang Xie, Lei Yuan, Du Lijun, Ziyang Zhang Yong, Zhang Yaodan and his wife, Bazhong Cai Yi and Guo Cheng, Dazhou Deng Xueyang, Qin Yanhong, Luo Jun, Suining Xie Degang…

The years are quiet, just because you have left your wife and your son and carried the load. Because of you, Chengdu can become the city with the lowest infection rate and the fastest economic recovery in the country’s mega cities; because of you, Chengdu can become the first mega city to resume work in the country; because of you, Chengdu can become the first city to resume social events in the country .

In the afternoon, a long hot Chengdu suddenly had a heavy rain, which seemed to wash away the heat for the guests and the dust for the heroes. In the next four days, Chengdu pays tribute to the “warriors” on the front line of the epidemic prevention!

In the name of the host, Chengdu, please slow down and calm down, stroll the Tianfu greenway, and feel the comfort and comfort of the park city; please enjoy the delicious food and feel the openness and enthusiasm of the Chengdu people in the spicy and spicy; please everyone and Pandas come up close and experience the elegance and charm of this historic and cultural city.

On the first day of the guests’ visit to Chengdu, the authentic spicy hot pot served. Just as the employees of the Shu heroes on Xiyulong Street clenched their fists and saluted the heroes: “Sir, please sit down!”

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