What is included in the Sichuan Hotpot brand franchise fee?

What is included in the Sichuan Hotpot brand franchise fee?

In Sichuan’s current catering industry, hot pot joining is the industry that is most favored by many investors, but we all know that when we join, the headquarters will charge a joining fee and the fee is still Not low, many people are more puzzled about what fees are included in the franchise fees we pay?


1、Brand fee

After joining a Chengdu hot pot brand, you need to use the brand name and trademark, then the franchisee has to pay a certain fee, because the brand is a kind of asset-free, especially some old brands, which have a certain popularity and can directly bring to the store. Come a certain amount of traffic.

2、Service support costs

After the general hot pot joins, the joined brand headquarters will provide a number of service support, including store location, technical training, store decoration design, operation management, etc. Although some franchise brands are under the slogan of enjoying multiple free services, they may actually be included in the franchise fee.


Signing a contract with a franchise brand may require a certain amount of security deposit. This is mainly due to fear of the franchisee breaking the contract or causing damage to the brand in the course of operation. If the contract expires and the franchisee has not breached the contract, the headquarters should refund it.


4、First purchase cost
Some franchise brands may include the first batch of purchase costs. This will determine the first batch of purchase costs based on the cooperation and operating conditions of the franchise hot pot chain system. Generally speaking, the hot pot franchise stores, the base material used is directly distributed by the headquarters, this needs to be purchased from the headquarters.

To put it simply, the franchise fee is the use fee of the brand, so when we join a brand, we often fancy the popularity of its brand. Choosing to join the Shu heroes will often reduce our entrepreneurial risk and increase our success. Odds


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