Shu Daxia wins 2020 China’s top 10 brands – top 10 Hot Pot Brands

Shu Daxia wins 2020 China’s top 10 brands – top 10 Hot Pot Brands

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. For diners, 2020 is also an extremely difficult year. The epidemic has hit the catering industry hard, with pitifully low revenues, and practitioners wailing.

But for powerful top catering brands, they may suffer less impact than other restaurant companies, and their recovery speed can be faster than other restaurant companies. This is the current status of the catering industry. Only the head can be remembered, and only the head can survive better.

But the fact is that many  brands have been unknown before, even the top brands of this category are still unknown to the boudoir. Based on this, on the basis of last year’s “2019 China CateringTop Ten Brand Selection”, the China Catering Marketing Capability Summit Organizing Committee continued to launch the “2020 China Catering Top Ten Brands” selection event.

On August 13, the “2020 China Catering Marketing Capability Summit” co-sponsored by the World Chinese Catering Industry Federation and Red was successfully concluded in Chengdu. The summit mainly conducted in-depth discussions on how the catering industry can recover quickly in the post-epidemic era and how to break the situation and recover in the crisis. In addition, awards and plaques were awarded to the top ten outstanding brands of Chinese catering  in 2020.



In this summit, awards were awarded to ten major catering categories including hot pot, pickled fish, tea, baking and other categories. The selection of the list is based on the big data of third-party organizations, and comprehensive analysis of catering brands based on multiple dimensions and multiple criteria, covering tens of thousands of catering brands in more than 300 cities across the country. An authoritative list.

In this summit, Shu Daxia hot pot won the “2020 China Top Ten Hot Pot Brands”.

The post-epidemic era has rebounded rapidly, sales volume has not decreased but increased, and it has become a market leader

Gong’s brand often goes through numerous baptisms in its development. Facing the severe damage from the new crown epidemic this year, some catering brands withdrew from the track. However, Shu Daxia Hotpot, as a new catering hotpot brand that has only been established for only five years, bucked the trend in this baptism and delivered a perfect answer to the market.

It is reported that Shu Daxia hot pot quickly completed a sales rebound in the early stage of market recovery. The average daily turnover of all stores nationwide has increased by as much as 10% year-on-year, and 96% of stores nationwide have resumed work smoothly. It has made a good start for the comprehensive recovery of the market in the second half of the year, and has also injected a shot in the heart of the catering industry in the post-epidemic era.

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