An’hui, Xiao area and Shu Daxia signed the contract successfully!

An’hui, Xiao area and Shu Daxia signed the contract successfully!

Xiaoxian County, a county under the jurisdiction of Suzhou City, Anhui Province, is located in the northern gate of Anhui Province, the suburbs of Xuzhou, the Yangtze River Delta, the Huaihai Economic Zone, the center of the Xuzhou Metropolitan Area, and the southeastern edge of the North China Plain; it is known as the “Four Provinces” It is said that it is the node where the country implements the “One Belt and One Road”, “Central Plains Economic Zone” and other overall strategies and Anhui Province implements “East Development” and “North Anhui Revitalization” and other regional strategies; the regional area is 1885.3 square kilometers.

Xiaoxian County was called the State of Xiao in ancient times. It has a history of more than 6,000 years of civilization and a history of more than 3,100 years. It is the birthplace of Han culture and filial piety. There are cultural sites left over from the late Neolithic period such as the Jinzhai cultural site and the Huajiasi site. Kiln ruins. Xiaoxian is known as the “State of Literature” and “City of Victory”. It is the hometown of Chinese painting and calligraphy, the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art, the hometown of Chinese grapes, and the largest cultural heritage county in Anhui Province. There are Huangzangyu National Forest Park in Xiaoxian County, and Caiwa Scenic Area, the former site of the General Front Committee of the Huaihai Campaign. Due to the impact of the Yellow River flooding in Xiaoxian County, a combination of three different natural areas, namely the Southwest Plain, the Yellow River Highlands, and the Southeastern Shallow Mountains, was formed, mainly belonging to the Huanghuai Plain. The water system of Xiaoxian County belongs to the Huaihe River Basin, which belongs to the three water systems of Xinbian River, Guhuang River and Wangyin River; Xiaoxian County is located in the transitional zone between the northern subtropical zone and the warm temperate zone. It has a temperate monsoon climate with both northern and southern climate characteristics.

As of 2019, Xiao County has jurisdiction over 18 towns and 5 townships. At the end of 2019, the county’s permanent population was 1.202 million; in 2019, Xiaoxian’s regional GDP was 37.86 billion yuan, of which the primary industry was 6.324 billion yuan; the secondary industry was 16.251 billion yuan; and the tertiary industry was 15.285 billion yuan. The proportion of the three industries was adjusted to 16.7:42.9:40.4.

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