Shanxi, Datong area and Shu Daxia signed the contract successfully!

Shanxi, Datong area and Shu Daxia signed the contract successfully!

Datong, known as Yunzhong and Pingcheng in ancient times, is a prefecture-level city in Shanxi Province, one of the central cities in the border region of China’s Shanxi, Hebei and Mongolia approved by the State Council, and an important comprehensive energy base. As of 2018, the city has 4 districts and 6 counties under its jurisdiction, with a total area of ​​14,176 square kilometers, a built-up area of ​​202.74 square kilometers, a permanent population of 3.456 million, an urban population of 2.211 million, and an urbanization rate of 63.97%.

Datong is located in North China, the northwestern part of Shanxi, the center of the Datong Basin, the junction of the three provinces of Shanxi, Hebei and Mongolia, and the northeastern edge of the Loess Plateau. The city of Erlianhot, the largest port from China to Mongolia in the north, is the provincial deputy central city of Shanxi Province.

Datong is one of the first national historical and cultural cities. It was once the capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty and the capital of Liao and Jin. There are many historical sites in the territory. Famous cultural relics include Yungang Grottoes, Huayan Temple, Shanhua Temple, Hengshan Hanging Temple, Nine Dragon Wall, etc. One of China’s first 13 larger cities, one of China’s nine ancient capitals, a national new energy demonstration city, China’s outstanding tourist city, a national garden city, a national model city with double support, a national transportation hub city, and a Chinese sculpture capital , China’s top ten sports and leisure cities.

Datong is one of the largest coal energy bases in China, the national heavy chemical energy base, the midpoint of Shenfu, Zhungeer Emerging Energy Zone and the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan developed industrial zone. Known as “Phoenix City” and “China Coal Capital”. On August 13, 2019, it was selected as a pilot city for the construction of the National Urban Medical Consortium.

In 2019, the regional GDP of Datong City reached 131.88 billion yuan, an increase of 6.7% over the previous year at constant prices.

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