2020 Warhorse Sichuan University Student Innovation Marketing Competition·Annual Finals successfully concluded

2020 Warhorse Sichuan University Student Innovation Marketing Competition·Annual Finals successfully concluded

The 2020 War Horse University Student Innovation Marketing Competition·Annual Finals was successfully concluded on December 5th at Alive One in Chengdu·Eastern Suburbs. This competition responds to the development of national innovation and entrepreneurship education, gives full play to professional advantages, contributes to society, and enhances the vitality of college community construction , To help college students practice the workplace in advance, use what they have learned in the classroom, promote learning through practice, and improve the comprehensive literacy of students, so as to achieve the form of “complementary advantages, resource sharing and common development” between the school and the enterprise. The competition area, 10 university cities, 60 colleges and universities, attracted the attention of 80,000 college students, and cumulatively affected more than 100,000 college students. Finally, 304 participating teams were selected for competition, and they were finally promoted to the top 16 in Chengdu. finals.

The competition was initiated by the Warhorse Energy Vitamin Beverage, Zhaolian Recruitment, Pomegranate Think Tank as the talent incubation support, Sichuan Weixiang Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. as a strategic cooperation brand, and the competition invited people from Shu Daxia, Under Armour Sports Sichuan, Mi Ge Culture, FAW Huidi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., Liangmuyuan Group, Painter, Baker, Aier Ophthalmology, Chengdu Hilton Hotel, Peak Sports, Dianping, Meituan, Tencent Pictures, Xiangban Cultural Tourism Group, Hungry Yeah, Dongsheng Pictures, Sichuan Yunshang Qinglu Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., Red Cherry Charity Organization, Hengan Group·7 Degree Space, RUA Brand, Motor Rabbit Fitness, Hepburn Club, RELX and other 30 famous brands.

In this competition, each university has set up three competition links: preliminary contest, actual marketing, and final. This year, the actual marketing link will be upgraded and innovated, focusing on the closed consumer market on campus, responding to the economic culture of the stalls, and adding a creative market of national trends in the school. Refine the creative marketing and actual sales capabilities of contemporary college students, and set up special content such as mobile display points outside the school, and finally surround the consumer market inside and outside the college, and realize the accurate crowd cultivation of the War Horse brand.

In the end, at the annual finals, the new retail marketing plan planned by 16 teams from 8 colleges and universities for the Warhorse brand won the affirmation of 30 corporate leaders. At the same time, the Southwest Petroleum University’s hairline and my team won the prize. The champion of the second competition, the Super Horsepower Team, the Six Tide Horse Team, the Super Hero Marines, and the All the Way Forward team, a total of 15 students won the favor of the on-site enterprises, and are expected to obtain corporate internship opportunities. The 4 teams have more creative ideas about new retail. The source of corporate marketing creativity.

  The champion team of the competition comes from Southwest Petroleum University-the hairline against me are the team

  The runner up team is from Sichuan Vocational College of Cultural Industry-Horseman Team

The third runner-up team is from Sichuan Institute of Technology-Chao Neng Road Team

  The teams that won the top four to eight finals are-

Sichuan Cultural Industry Vocational College-Xingchuang Team, Sichuan Cultural Industry Vocational College-Yanzhi Team, Southwest Petroleum University-Bujing Team, Sichuan Agricultural University-Warrior Team, Sichuan Agricultural University-Ma Dachenggong Team

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