Create a new scene of consumption hot pot restaurant opened into the Garden Museum

Create a new scene of consumption hot pot restaurant opened into the Garden Museum

With the upgrading of consumption concepts, consumers’ eating hot pot is no longer just to satisfy their appetite, but the experience of dining atmosphere is also particularly important. Facing new consumption trends, Chengdu hot pot brands are also actively exploring and grasping the law of integration and development of new consumption scenarios. A few days ago, the authentic old hot pot brand Shu Daxia in Chengdu has teamed up with the first domestic private garden art museum “Yiyuan” to integrate the martial arts gene into the hot pot itself, creating an “outdoor garden art hot pot store” with the most characteristic of western Sichuan.

In the Yiyuan Garden Museum, which has the reputation of “Urban Xanadu”, Shu Daxia selected 5000 square meters of high-quality viewing area to build its first outdoor garden art hot pot store-Shu Daxia·Xia Ke Impression Store. The interior decoration continues the “Wulin style” inherited by Shu Daxia. Exclusive martial arts boxes are created in accordance with the intentional color styles of the ten martial arts schools in martial arts novels. Outdoors are equipped with ambient lighting, focusing on the visual experience of diners in the store. Located in a Soviet-style private garden, the store’s functional areas are clearly planned, allowing consumers to be immersed in the unique “taste rivers and lakes” of Shu Daxia.

At the same time, Xia Ke Impression also ushered for the first time in cooperation with the theme store of Netease martial arts mobile game “Yi Meng Jiang Hu” (formerly “Chu Liu Xiang” mobile game). The store is presented with the space theme of Huashan, Wudang, Shaolin and other Jianghu schools. Restore the dining scene and style of the knights in the game, allowing consumers to experience the hot pot journey of martial arts rivers and lakes.

It is reported that from 2016 to the present, Shu Daxia has moved from Chengdu to the world. It has spread its branches and leaves in Japan, Singapore, Melbourne, the United States and other places, and has promoted the authentic old Chengdu hot pot to all over the world, with more than 500 stores. As a hot pot brand represented by inheriting the cultural heritage of Western Sichuan, Daxia Shu continues to innovate, integrating fashionable play and story elements into “Xia Bao”. “Xia Bao” will not only be a knight wearing a hat, but also “Where The traditional hero images familiar to young people such as “Zha” and “Wukong” condense “chivalry” into classic animation images, allowing the new generation of consumers to perceive the brand’s innovation and vitality.

In addition, Shu Daxia for the first time this year launched four hot pot dishes with “shrimp slip” as the main dish, fusing the tastes of modern people, combining black truffle, fish roe, sea duck eggs, cheese and other “net celebrity” ingredients with “shrimp slip” Combine it to create natural, fresh and healthy hot pot dishes, making it the core competitiveness of the company.

Transforming from the epidemic, Shu Daxia united many brands in cross-border marketing to promote a new linkage between the Internet and physical stores. “Next, we will cooperate with more outstanding cultural and creative brands to make traditional culture change from “tradition” to “daily”.” Shu Daxia related person in charge said.

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