From IP to product, Shu Daxia has both internally and externally built for 5 years, the road to innovation

From IP to product, Shu Daxia has both internally and externally built for 5 years, the road to innovation

In recent years, with the increase in per capita income and the continuation of consumption upgrades, the market size of hot pot catering in my country has steadily increased. According to the “2020 China Hot Pot Category Big Data” released by Meituan University’s Food and Beverage College, there were over 18 million searches for “hot pot” keywords from March to September 2020, and category transactions occupy the top position in both online order volume and transaction volume. Judging from the data on the increase in the age distribution of the user group, consumers aged 20 and under have the highest increase. Through the sharp increase in the number of consumers under 20, the juvenile economy is rising rapidly. With the rejuvenation of the main consumer group and the diversification of consumer demand, the hot pot catering market is also facing transformation and upgrading. How to create a hot pot brand that meets the taste and aesthetics of young people has become an urgent problem for hot pot catering companies.

Five years of innovation and brand image upgrade

五年革新 品牌形象再升级

Shu Daxia. Furnishing display in iclub Dongjian Second Store

From 2016 to the present, Shu Daxia has moved from Chengdu, Sichuan to the world. It has spread its branches in Japan, Singapore, Melbourne, the United States and other places, and has promoted authentic old Chengdu hot pot to all over the world, with more than 500 stores. As a hot pot brand represented by inheriting the cultural heritage of Western Sichuan, enabling enterprises to achieve multi-dimensional innovations in image, products, services, and management to achieve more efficient and profitable stores is the essence of Shu Daxia’s deep cultivation in the catering industry and perseverance.

Shu Daxia brand new 4 Xiabao images

Base on the IP image, the hero of Shu integrates fashion and story elements into “Xia Bao”. “Xia Bao” is no longer just a knight wearing a “battle hat”, but also familiar to young people such as “Nezha” and “Wukong”. The traditional heroic image of “Chivalrous” is concentrated in the classic animation image, which narrows the distance between the brand and consumers, and allows the new generation of consumers to perceive the brand’s innovation and vitality.

On the visual image of the storefront, Shu Daxia created a “sharp model” to enhance the brand’s terminal recognition, directly and effectively empowering the existing 500 stores of Shu Daxia.

Enter new retail and upgrade dishes

进军新零售 菜品再升级


Shu Daxia Shrimp Slip Dishes (from left to right: Tai Chi Double Smooth, Black Truffle Shrimp Smooth, Sea Duck Egg Shrimp Smooth, Lucky Bag Shrimp Smooth)

Adhering to the brand concept of “Internal strength is the bottom of the pot, external strength depends on the dishes”, Shu Daxia focuses on the research and development of dishes. In the era of normalization of the epidemic, everyone pays more attention to the health of hot pot dishes. Through big data research, the Shu Daxia Product R&D Center has launched four hot pot dishes with “shrimp slip” as the main product for the first time. “Go to Shu, eat prawns and slippery” this “new”, draw inspiration from the new generation of health preservation, to create new health and health hot pot dishes with double insurance for appearance and taste.

Black Truffle Shrimp Shrimp is the first winter limited dish. From the flavor to the ingredients, they are the best winter nourishment. The Q bomb has a strong fragrance, just like the “black pearl” on the tip of the tongue.

Tai Chi Double Slide combines the concept of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements. It uses South American prawns carefully cultivated in North Bay for 130 days as raw materials, combined with sweet corn kernels and fish roe, to create a mouth-to-mouth taste enjoyment.

Sea duck eggs and shrimps are slippery, oily and low salt are the excellent qualities of every sea duck egg. The delicate and soft sea duck egg yolk is paired with the shrimp slippery with a full Q-ball texture, and the grains are fluid.

Fortune bag shrimp slippery, blind box on the tip of the tongue, soft soft bean skin filled with soup, shrimp slippery stuffed with cheese, fish roe and salted egg yolk, the surprise of a bite can only be experienced in Shu Daxia.

Fast, stable and accurate to create efficient supply chain management, fresh without waiting

For the creation of this shrimp slide, the Shu Daxia team formulated and grasped the “fast, stable and accurate” work criteria, quickly selected products, quickly determined R&D and production, and quickly prepared a special team responsible for the product; stable product quality, stable production specifications, and stable transportation Warehousing and stabilizing store production; ready to respond to market demand at any time, spread directly to consumers on time, and accurately convey brand information;

Jiang Xia, Chairman of Shu Daxia Hot Pot, said: “Our shrimp slips are all derived from Penaeus vannamei cultivated in the North Sea. After 130 days of careful cultivation, workers select the best quality shrimps and send them to the factory. The mechanized flow operations such as crushing shrimp, mixing, bagging, and single-freezing export will finally put our Shu Daxia quality shrimp slippery into the cold storage and set off. The whole cold chain of minus 23 degrees, directly to the store port, presents customers with the freshest shrimp slip products. ”

Shrimp slip is the first step for Shu Daxia to create explosive products, and it is also the first step for Shu Daxia to use the new retail model. The core of an enterprise lies in the product, and the core of the product is also closely related to the supply chain. On the road of the future, Shu Daxia will pay more attention to product strategy. Only when the products are connected with consumers carefully and attentively, can customers recognize the brand.

  Gourmet + cultural creation creates a new landmark of Sichuan hot pot

Shu Daxia. Xia Ke Impression Store Scenery

Shu Daxia. Xia Ke Impression Store Night View


In response to Jinniu District’s call for the development of “cultural museums, cultural creativity, cultural commerce”, to aggregate cultural resources around the State Guest House, and to dig out the historical context of Jinniu Dam, Shu Daxia teamed up with China’s first private garden art museum “Yiyuan”, Wulin cultural and creative genes are integrated into the hot pot itself, creating an “outdoor garden art hot pot store” with the most characteristic of western Sichuan.


Shu Daxia. Xia Ke Impression Store x NetEase Mobile Game “Yi Meng Jiang Hu” theme store

With the upgrading of consumption concepts, consumers’ eating hot pot is no longer just to satisfy their appetite, but the experience of dining atmosphere is also particularly important. Xia Ke Impression Store also ushered in the first cooperation with the theme store of Netease martial arts mobile game “Yi Meng Jiang Hu” (formerly “Chu Liu Xiang” mobile game). The cultural elements of martial arts such as furniture, utensils, games, etc., restore the dining scene and style of the knights in the game. Place in the Soviet-style garden and enjoy the authentic old Chengdu hot pot. The culture is integrated with the contemporary new Oriental garden, allowing consumers to experience the pure and ultimate martial arts hot pot journey.

Transforming from the epidemic, Shu Daxia has teamed up with many brands to build a communication matrix, actively promoted cross-border marketing, and promoted new linkages between the Internet and physical stores. I believe that in the near future, there will be more outstanding cultural and creative brands and Shu Daxia hot pot. The joint cooperation has transformed more traditional culture from “tradition” to “daily”.

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