Hubei, Zhongxiang City and Shu Daxia signed the contract successfully!

Congratulation to Hubei, Zhongxiang City and Shu Daxia signed the contract successfully!

Zhongxiang City, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Hubei Province, is managed by Jingmen City. It is located in the middle of Hubei Province and the middle reaches of the Hanjiang River, bordering Yicheng and Suizhou in the north, Tianmen and Shayang County in the south, Jingshan City in the east, and Dongbao District in the west. , Dadao District, between 30°42′-31°36′ north latitude and 112°07′-113°00′ east longitude. There are 207 National Road, Jiaozhi Railway, Changjing Railway, Xiangjing Expressway, Wuhan The Jing Expressway passes through the border.
Zhongxiang is a famous national historical and cultural city in China and one of the important birthplaces of Chu culture. It has a written history of more than 2700 years. Zhongxiang also created a group of Ming Dynasty emperor Zhu Houhu, Song Yu, a writer of Chu poetry, and Mo Chounv, a song and dance artist of Chu. Historical celebrities, historical allusions such as “Yangchun Baixue” and “Xia Liba People” were born. In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, it was called Jiaoying, and it was the companion capital of Chu State. Later it was the state capital of Chu State. In 1531, Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty was born and prospered here, and gave the county the name “Zhongxiang” with the meaning of “the treasured land of geomantic omen, the auspicious place of auspiciousness”. one. After the founding of New China, the county name was still Zhongxiang. In May 1992, the State Council approved Zhong Xiang to withdraw from the county and establish a city.

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