Qiaojia County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province signed a contract successfully!

Congratulations! Mr Tang of Qiaojia County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province and Shu Daxia successfully signed the contract

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Qiaojia County is located in the northeast of Yunnan Province and the southwest of Zhaotong City. The geographical coordinates are 26°32′~27°25′ north latitude and 102°52′~103°26′ east longitude. Qiaojia County borders Huize County of Qujing City to the east, Dongchuan District of Kunming City to the south, Huidong, Ningnan, Butuo, Jinyang and other counties of Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan Province to the west across the Jinsha River, and Zhaoyang, Zhaotong City to the north. The district and Ludian County face each other across the Niulan River and are located in the heart of Yunnan and Sichuan provinces. The county covers an area of ​​3,245 square kilometers, about 57 kilometers wide from east to west, and about 98 kilometers long from north to south. The resident of Qiaojia County People’s Government is Baihetan Town. The county seat is 268 kilometers from the provincial capital Kunming, 151 kilometers from Zhaotong, and 169 kilometers from Xichang, Sichuan.

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