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Chengdu Shu DaXia Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2015

It is a  chain restaurant company focusing on the research and development of traditional hot pot and joining as the theme.

The Shu DaXia has always insisted on using high-quality ingredients to create the specialty on the tip of the tongue and the  standing organic inspection as its mission, and the team management concept is based on the principle of “three like” (like  army, like school, like family). , as fundamental team management philosophy, it cultivates the team with execution, study spirit, being thankful, ideal workforce, conscience management, and it has achieved remarkable results.

Boring with fire for warrior hot pot, the righteous man is not standing without chivalrous spirit, the chivalrous man will not success without the righteous spirit. Shu DaXia hot pot actively expands the local market , adheres to the concept of honest cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win marketing cooperation, has passed the brand to all provinces and autonomous regions in the country, franchisees come one by one, its brand name shocks Jianghu.

At present, the company has been promoting the reform with “strong fire”, optimized the management with “warm fire”, and consolidated with “constant fire “to implement a series of reforms, adopt four-in-one operation mode, such as management systemization, office intelligence, performance defamations and humanization, it optimizes the mechanism process, strengthens the corporate culture, and promotes the company’s performance to the higher level.

Entering the Shu DaXia, simple and plain Chinese style, exquisite dishes, bold and welcoming services show the unique culture of the Bashu Jianghu. In 2017, the Shu DaXia brand has become the dazzling beautiful and eye-catching star in the Sichuan-Chongqing region.


Qualification And Honor

Hot pot brand with the most investment value at 2017 in hot pot festival

won the ” Top Ten New Hot Pot” in the selection of Sichuan cuisine on the tip of the tongue

” China’s Famous Brand” Medal awarded by China Light Industry Enterprise Investment Development Association

“Popular Restaurant of the Year 2015” at Dianping.com

2015, the executive director of the Hot Pot Branch of Chengdu Catering Association

2016 Sichuan Chamber of Commerce “Sichuan Hot Pot Top 10 Franchise Brands” Award

Awarded the “Top 10 Hot Pot Brands in China” by the China Hotel Association 2018

Honored Sponsor from the Women’s Table Tennis World Cup Organizing Committee 2018

2019 Tencent, Popular Hot Pot Brands of the 6th Hot Pot Festival 2019

Dec, 2017 “The largest spice mesaic was achieved by Chengdu Shudaxia Catering Management Co. , Ltd(China)”

10 Leading Companies in the Asian Catering Industry 2019

World Police 2019


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Special line for invitation to join us : 180 3060 6939

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Headquarter Address: 21st Floor, Building 2, IFS International Financial Center, Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu City