Restaurant Franchise – Brand Advantages

Brand advantages

Chengdu popular food and beverage brand, Sichuan hot pot restaurant top ten chain brand,The founder has accumulated decades of experience and established the Shu DaXia brand
The brand awareness plays an important role in restaurant franchise

Team Advantage

The employees in the company are highly stable, the turnover rate is less than 5%. In average, they have more than 10 years of relevant department work experience with strict team management and regular training. A good team management process can support restaurant franchise have a good performance.

Investment advantages

Relying on the good reputation of the Shu Warrior and the high degree of market recognition, Investing in the Shu Daxia hot pot has the advantage of brand market protection, accurate brand positioning and minimizing investment risks

Experience advantage

It has successfully established and operated more than 180 directly operated and franchised stores with rich management experience
it has formed a unique and scientific hot pot restaurant management model.

Product advantages

It always adhere to the core value concept“Sticking to good ingredients and making quality with heart”.
It selects raw materials, unique flavor and long aftertaste, delicious and not greasy

Technical advantages

It has professional technical research and development team, cultivates and reserves a technical support team for direct sales stores and franchisees.
it always meets technical support services.

Three special advantages

The Shu Warrior only makes hot pots and forms a complete system of hot pot industry chain.
Because we only make hot pot, we focus on it, rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength, and constantly innovate, which can bring you unlimited power in the market.

Martial arts chivalry culture

The unique martial arts culture theme design style, the martial arts elements are integrated into the decoration and the layout .
Systematically it integrates with the brand culture, fashion and tradition, reflects the grade and taste.

Restaurant Franchise Process

Restaurant Franchise – Headquarter Support

Store location support

Survey on surrounding business areas, including data on people flow, population division, population intensity, percapita consumption, competitors, etc.

Decoration assistance

The company is responsible for the store design, ensuring the same brand image ; The company dispatches a senior decoration supervisor to the store to supervise the construction process.

Technical training support

The recipe at the base of the pot is fully taught, and all cooking techniques such as pickling, research and development ,wobble-plate are fully taught; Training includes 15 to 20 proposal, including front office management, kitchen management, marketing and financial management

Distribution support

Professional ordering platform, realize one-stop service such as ordering, payment, logistics, inquiry and channel communication; The bottom material, oil material and special seasoning are uniformly distributed by the headquarter to ensure the brand taste consistent; Uniform distribution of seats, tableware, clothing, etc., to ensure consistent brand image

Financial data analysis

It has integrated high-efficiency management system, such as cash register, library management, financial analysis, financial statements, customer management, and modular authority management, so each position can see clear reports within its own authority.

License support

Consulting services for business licenses, fire protection, environmental protection, hygiene, taxation, etc.


Personnel signing assistance

Staff structure framework configuration, various manuals support.


Marketing support

Go to the store for on-the-spot investigation and develop the opening marketing plan in the targeted manner; Marketing planning and event promotion for major holidays and major events; Promotion of the brand in the local market; Participation in various honors and awards ceremony; Company and all store resources share

Personnel signing assistance

The company will dispatch one manager and one chef to support the opening of business within seven days before the trial operation and provide free support for 15 days. Support for the local suppliers selection; Pricing of dishes and drinks; Opening ceremony, promotion counseling; Finance, kitchen policy, front office service counseling and training.

Late maintenance support

The dispatched supervisor will visit the store every 3 months openly and secrectly . The inspections include: Store service, pot bottom type, dish quality, environmental sanitation, store marketing, etc.

Restaurant Franchise – Legal Declaration

Investment conditons:

1   Have strong anti-risk awareness, have operating background and management experience, and have basic concepts of market analysis.

2   Agree with the management concept of “Shu Daxia” on “culture, operation, model, and service”, and have knowledge of the restaurant industry.

3   Go all out to manage the hot pot stores.

4   Funds obtained legally.

5   Do not engage in activities that violate the law or corrupt the morality of society.

Unsuitable Investor:

1   Those who do not accept the company’s culture and management philosophy.

2   Those who are self-righteous, not co-operating with the company, strong independence, difficult to communicate.

3   Those who do not participate in business management but has unrealistic expectations of turnover and profitability.

4   Those who fully rely on the franchise brand, who consider the franchise brand is responsible for his business.

5   Family members do not support this investment project.

6   Those who are not fully prepared to run a business and who has no long-term business intention.

7   The source of funds was obtained illegally, the source is unknown or unwilling to inform.

Investment is always risky, please choose rationally