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Restaurant Franchise – Legal Declaration

Investment conditons:

1   Have strong anti-risk awareness, have operating background and management experience, and have basic concepts of market analysis.

2   Agree with the management concept of “Shu Daxia” on “culture, operation, model, and service”, and have knowledge of the restaurant industry.

3   Go all out to manage the hot pot stores.

4   Funds obtained legally.

5   Do not engage in activities that violate the law or corrupt the morality of society.

Unsuitable Investor:

1   Those who do not accept the company’s culture and management philosophy.

2   Those who are self-righteous, not co-operating with the company, strong independence, difficult to communicate.

3   Those who do not participate in business management but has unrealistic expectations of turnover and profitability.

4   Those who fully rely on the franchise brand, who consider the franchise brand is responsible for his business.

5   Family members do not support this investment project.

6   Those who are not fully prepared to run a business and who has no long-term business intention.

7   The source of funds was obtained illegally, the source is unknown or unwilling to inform.

Investment is always risky, please choose rationally